Sunday, 14 June 2009

12/06/09 - The Beginning!!

This Blog has been created as a place where I can keep updates on the progress of my restoration of a 1973 MG Midget.
3PM - Picked up the trailer from Tom shanks @ Cookney Classics who kindly loaned my father his trailer to allow us to transport the Midget to my garage. We used my Dad's classic Range Rover which is just recently been put back on the road after an overhaul by my Dad.
6PM - Picked up the Midget from John Robb who had owned the car since 1993 when it was last on the road. John had started a restoration on the car. The car was now surplus to requirements so he could concentrate on the restoration of his Marcos.
Dad, John, Ben , Dez and I loaded up the Midget onto the Brian James single axle trailer for the journey back home to my garage.
Ben transported the engine and box back to my garage in the back of his trusty workhorse Panda!!
Big thanks to all who helped get the car back home.

14/06/09 - Started on the strip down / restoration

Started on the strip down / restoration today.

So far the list of jobs tackled today were;

Drivers side inner wing cut out.
Front panel removed.
Front bumper and number plate removed.
Master and slave cylinders removed.
Washer bottle removed.
Brake pipes removed.
Engine mounts removed.
Loom in the engine bay removed.
Dash removed and loom marked up.
Rear lights removed and further rot found at the bottom.
Reversing light and fog light removed.
Rear bumpers removed.
Rear number plate removed.
Fuel pipe removed.

The aim today was to tidy up the engine bay to allow me space to start the repairs required to the inner wings / front panel. Once these repairs have been completed. I will repair the drivers side inner and outer sills as the shell is quite flimsy as the sill was allready removed by the previous owner.
That's about all I am going to manage in the next couple of weeks as I am back offshore Tuesday for a week then after that I getting married to my sweetheart Cara!!